Friday, June 01, 2007

Quido Sen

My good friend Quido makes interactive sound sculptures, often quite large & I assume pretty expensive, so the only thing I really own of his is this sketch he sent me, which I like just for itself.

Radana Parmová

Another dear friend, in Ostrava, Czech Republic, has made a number of paintings on paper depicting herself, me, her children & various angels as we all try to help each other emotionally survive difficult times. This one above is one of my favorites.

František Skála

This is an image I scanned from Fama & Fortuna Bulletin 1993/15 which reproduces the lavishly-illustrated journal that Franta made as he walked from Prague to Venice as his contribution to the 1993 Biennale. Franta's work is simply the best - defying categorization & appealing to the most profound human instincts & aspirations.