Friday, June 01, 2007

Sue Leftwich

Some dryer lint with asemic figures. Painstakingly crafted by Sue after many years of living with the master of asemia.

Gianni Bedolo

I met Gianni at Emilio Morandi's Perfomedia Festival in Ponte Nossa, Italy in 1990. Gianni & his pal Giorgio Bulzi helped me with a performance. At the time the two of them were at that time working as a artistic collaborative under the name Darkene, which was the brand name of an Italian version of the narcotic Flunitrazepam, a drug that Kurt Cobain od'd on (along with champagne) a few weeks before his death.

Gianni & Giorgio were a mischievous pair doing pretty irrereverent work, so I was slightly surprised to see the direction Gianni's work has gone in. There's a lot more of his work at This image above is of his 1996 painting "Spring Collection." Or rather it is a scan of a color-xerox of that painting. The color xerox is in my collection, the painting is not.

Peter Ganick

The prodigious writer began painting in (I think) the mid-90's & sent me this one on paper which I hated for about two weeks but hung on my kitchen wall anyway, then suddenly one day I looked at it and and I really really liked it & have liked it ever since.


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