Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mom Waves Goodbye, 1962

Mom seems to be waving goodbye to her daughter, who's staying at home alone. There must be something else to this story but I don't know what it is. I could invent interpretations but hey so can you. It's funny how those birds are so innocuous here & so ominous in Van Gogh. Anyway this drawing is one of my more dynamic, design-wise.

Tree, Sun, People & Dog, 1962

There's something I find fascinating about abject drawings of the sun. I bet the sun is the first thing that a human tried to draw, and the first object that a child tries to draw. And for both, possibly the first experience of coming up against the complete impossibility of representing reality. I think everyone comes very quickly to the understanding that the sun is unrepresentable, and that this is a lesson that infiltrates our subconscious completely, informing everything we experience, and yet is pretty quickly consiously forgotten. But I think we all appreciate a drawing of the sun more the cruder it is.

Even without the sun, this would be a pretty interesting & dynamic picture, with all the inter-linked characters (and the off-camera one.)

The Shop, 1962

You can't buy love but you can buy just about everything else. This was 1962 and things were still looking pretty good for Americans.