Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ball-point pencil & nail polish; 11"h x 11"w
Bought from "Red with a beard" on 6/20/03 at corner of 9th & Bryant, SF CA

Ball-point pen on cardboard; 11"h x 16"w

Marker on cardboard; 13"h x 16"w

Markers on cardboard; 16"h x 13"w
okay this is actually a ringer - it's a sign I made for a planned series of durational performances on off-ramps in 2004 - performances I never got around to doing

Marker on cardboard; 12"h x 14"w
This purchase was pretty satisfying. On bleak, cold, overcast late afternoon August 9th, 1996, I pulled off northbound Interstate 25 near Colorado Springs, CO, intending to head west on Route 24. At the bottom of the ramp, a guy named George was standing there with this sign. The day was waning and the sky was crowding up with surly black clouds. I didn't any markers or cardboard with me, but George was happy enough to get my $20 bill. The $20 made his quota for the day and allowed him to get off the ramp & back to shelter before the storm hit.


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