Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fishing Fleet, 1961

In Indonesia we had use of a sailboat, Ichiban, Japanese for "Number One," and its skipper Eddie. We'd sail out and around, nothing too adventuresome though on one trip we got caught in the edge of a storm and things got pretty dicey. Mostly it was calm sailing over coral reefs. If we went swimming we'd have to wear sneakers or the coral would've shredded our feet. This drawing above also pictures two junks, which I'd seen plenty of by then, and a canoe, which I'd probably only seen in movies.

Raft Rescue, 1960

Here two people on a large square-rigged sailing vessel are probably rescuing two people on a raft. If they'd been pirates putting two people on a raft, I'd definitely have drawn a skull & crossbones flag.

Two Aft, 1960

This miiiight be a covered lifeboat; I'd seen lots of them in real life & in the movies.

Piranesi Ship, 1960

The stacked ziggurat shape is typical of how I drew large ships, but this double-stack is over the top even for me; maybe Piranesi drew this one.

And here I'll leave you with a cheery drawing/collage from those bucolic days of May '62: sun, sea, snorkeling, fishing, seagulls overhead & even sensible UV-blocking headgear.

Sailboat Party, 1962



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