Thursday, March 01, 2007

One of a series of flyers I made using sloppy two-color registration to make the visual properties more complex and the text a little more ambiguous. I found the real motives of Czech soldiers serving as peacekeepers in Bosnia to be a pertinent shading of the professed USA & NATO agenda, and in keeping with my cynical perceptions of the cultural transitions occurring in Eastern Europe after 1989.

I can’t remember what book I appropriated this text from. It's a good book; this selection pretty much sums up the writer’s basic thesis & I wanted help disseminate his attempt to deflate the romance of historical architecture & re-inscribe that architecture from a perpective focused on the human cost of colonial practice. Here I used sloppy registration to make the text harder to read, mirroring the difficulties of re-reading common assumptions. The image is of a Kipper Kids performance.

A slightly cautionary celebration of beer. Text is caption of a photo of stone carvings found in Sakkara, photo is Ladislav Baxa hoisting a pint of Radegast.


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