Thursday, March 01, 2007

These are the two sides of a poster I sent to all my friends in England inviting them to a reading & performance I made at Ingrid Swenson’s art space Production in London. A photo of a Russian legislator barricaded inside Moscow’s parliament building in 1993 on one side, Sirhan Sirhan on the reverse.

I was driving my mom around on a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright houses. On the grounds of the Wright house at Kentuck Knob, Lord Palumbo has a sculpture park which includes a section of the Berlin Wall and this Andy Goldsworthy piece. I’m a fan Goldsworthy’s work & couldn’t resist taking one small stone from the wall & replacing it with similar stone that I found on the ground a few feet away. In our bed & breakfast the next morning in Columbus, Ohio, Mom & I watched Princess Diana’s funeral on television. Lord Palumbo was interviewed for awhile on that broadcast. Never having heard of Lord Palumbo before, I thought this was an interesting enough coincidence to commemorate by issuing this poster.


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