Friday, June 01, 2007

Li Jiun-Yang

Jiun-Yang's a Taiwanese puppeteer & visual artist I met while he was a resident artist at the Headlands Center. He made fantastic small sculptural installations using materials from the surrounding woods & marshes: eucalyptus leaves, branches, nuts, acorns, etc. He's a very sweet man & we hit it off right away. When he left, he gave me several sculptural groupings, very ornate & fragile constructions that I installed in the backyard & that have mostly been destroyed over the years by rain & sun. This demon painted on a pine cone is in pretty good shape, though the rest of the piece (about a dozen thin reeds projecting out in a 360ยบ halo with small acorn-like nuts on the end of each reed, each nut with a unique face painted on it) is now pretty much kaput.

Michelle Rollman

Exterior & interior of a small Rabbit Theater.