Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Agent World 1

This month's exhibition is relatively small & straight-forward. Jim Leftwich has been a friend & collaborator for a couple decades now. He's a writer, a visual artist & cultural critic in the most profound sense. His work is prodigious, frightening, disturbing and often (as in the work of similar masters of incision, elision & appropriation Joyce & Beckett) funny.

There are several examples of his work posted within the various past Temporary Museum exhibits referencing my own art collection. The works here are just a few examples from some almost off-handed series; mere spin-offs or tangents, sparks & shavings from the forgings of more-tempered projects.

My ephemeral & barely-loved little museum here seemed like a good place to air these images out.

More of Jim's work, including collaborations & online curatorial projects, can be got at through these links below & through other links on some of my other blog pages.

(several pages here:)

(w/jukka-pekka kervinen)

Agent World 2

Agent World 3

Agent World 4
BioAbstraction 1

BioAbstraction 2

BioAbstraction 3

BioAbstraction 4

Europe 1

Europe 2

Europe 3
Europe 4