Thursday, October 01, 2009


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November 2007:
Scott MacLeod Drawings 1960-62

Something Like Paradise

October 2007:
Scott MacLeod Drawings 1960-62

The Existential & The Familial

September 2007:
Fishburn Park
Photos by Jacob Bensen

August 2007:
Jim Leftwich

July 2007:
Ralph David Eaton:
Drawings 1970-1975

June 2007:
Scott MacLeod Collection: Part 5

May 2007:
Jíří Kalousek:
On the Trail of Brotherhood

April 2007:
Marsha Vdovin Photographs

February 2007:
Scott MacLeod Posters 1995-2004

January 2007:
Scott MacLeod Posters 1982-1994