Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jakub Kalousek

I'm cheating here, I don't really own this one, I just like it a lot & wanted to pretend I owned it. I stole the picture from Jakub's blog, which I think is okay since I showed him how to set the blog up.

Leona Christie

Josef Aukee

Matthew Barney

This is a small clump of petroleum jelly from Drawing Restraint at SFMOMA, filched for me by Fina Gloeckner, using the toe of her flip-flop. I smeared it onto a piece of card stock so it would scan better.

Andy Goldsworthy

This is a rock from Goldsworthy's Room at Kentuck Knob Sculpture Park in Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania. On September 5, 1997, I took this rock and replaced it with another, similar rock that I'd found on the ground in the vicinity.


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