Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sphinx, Great Pyramid, Ray-Bans, 1963

Passing through the storm, we continued on our way to Suez, where we debarked and made our way by land towards Cairo for a couple days of sightseeing. Our ship made its slow way through the locks of the Suez Canal and we re-boarded her at Port Said, on the Mediterranean coast. We sailed to Naples, left the M/V Frankfurt, spent a couple months driving around Europe, then returned to Naples and boarded a ship (I can't remember which just now) for New York City.

Sipping Coca-Cola by Lago di Como, 1963

I was barely seven years old & had traveled around the world solely by surface transportation. In fact I'd logged enough sea miles to have gone around another half turn as well. I've always been very grateful for this experience of having seen, up close, nearly every mile traveled, and credit it as one of the most profoundly influential of my life.

And in fact it was aboard ship that I made my performance debut, backed by a big band, singing what song I will certainly never recall:

Singing on ship, (1961?)



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