Friday, December 01, 2006

Zdenek Hula. Zdenek's a sculptor & printmaker friend of mine who also runs Galerie H in Kostelec nad Cernymi Lesy, CZ.

Thomas Lowe Taylor (Anabasis). Tom's a poet, photographer & visionary living north of Portland Oregon.

Unknown maker. Just a typically bad "impressionist" painting of a French or Italian street scene that I found in the trash, but I have a fair share of respect for people who can paint like this (I probably can't do as well) and the painting does brighten up the backyard patio, so I think it has as much right as anything else to be here in the Museum.

Megan Wilson. Megan painted & freely distributed hundreds of similar signs, each one unique, for her Home project. I got one because I had recently been evicted & so was sort of a victim of gentrification. Actually I have two: one large red one is lost somewhere in my studio; this one is mounted prominently on the outside of the studio, which feels a little like home because I built it myself.


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