Thursday, March 01, 2007

An Atmosphere But For An Instant, Southern Exposure, 1/25/95

Two posters for a performance that I did inside my gallery-sized installation Even If Such An Object Outside Us Were Unimportant. This performance was in some ways the last of the Brief Amaze performances that I had made in Europe in 1990.

Paintings & Small Objects, Sneak Gallery, 3/29/95

I started smearing paint around on plywood & found canvases in 1993. I'd work on writing projects in my office at the front of my large flat in Dogpatch & when I got tired or blocked, I'd walk to my tiny back-porch studio to flail my arms around & get high on spray paint & varnish, which would give me ideas & I'd go back & do more writing.

Eventually the house filled up with paintings & I started wondering what to do with them, so when Cid Pearlman & David King moved out of the storefront studio below my house, I convinced the owner to let me have it for three days gratis. I hung everything up & had a one-night only exhibit. I offered to give away all the paintings for free, first-come first-served.

Patti Davidson & Tommy Hicks were the first ones there & made a beeline for a painting called Lombards 1. They have discerning eyes; almost everyone who attended asked me if that one was available. Patti & Tommy have since put together maybe the largest collection of my work. Anyway that night I gave away almost 40 paintings.


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