Friday, June 01, 2007


I traded Lisa Mendelson, the curator of Soap Gallery, a couple of my Targets for a couple of her embroidered doilies. I liked the "cocksucker" one the best of the ones she had in stock & I got the bright idea to commission some new ones from her. The three below are the ones I had her make & which I just picked up from her. The top two are Czech & the bottom one is Serbo-Croatian. "Blbec" is not too nasty but the other two are pretty nasty.

Li Jiun-Yang

Jiun-Yang's a Taiwanese puppeteer & visual artist I met while he was a resident artist at the Headlands Center. He made fantastic small sculptural installations using materials from the surrounding woods & marshes: eucalyptus leaves, branches, nuts, acorns, etc. He's a very sweet man & we hit it off right away. When he left, he gave me several sculptural groupings, very ornate & fragile constructions that I installed in the backyard & that have mostly been destroyed over the years by rain & sun. This demon painted on a pine cone is in pretty good shape, though the rest of the piece (about a dozen thin reeds projecting out in a 360º halo with small acorn-like nuts on the end of each reed, each nut with a unique face painted on it) is now pretty much kaput.

Michelle Rollman

Exterior & interior of a small Rabbit Theater.

Sue Leftwich

Some dryer lint with asemic figures. Painstakingly crafted by Sue after many years of living with the master of asemia.

Gianni Bedolo

I met Gianni at Emilio Morandi's Perfomedia Festival in Ponte Nossa, Italy in 1990. Gianni & his pal Giorgio Bulzi helped me with a performance. At the time the two of them were at that time working as a artistic collaborative under the name Darkene, which was the brand name of an Italian version of the narcotic Flunitrazepam, a drug that Kurt Cobain od'd on (along with champagne) a few weeks before his death.

Gianni & Giorgio were a mischievous pair doing pretty irrereverent work, so I was slightly surprised to see the direction Gianni's work has gone in. There's a lot more of his work at This image above is of his 1996 painting "Spring Collection." Or rather it is a scan of a color-xerox of that painting. The color xerox is in my collection, the painting is not.

Peter Ganick

The prodigious writer began painting in (I think) the mid-90's & sent me this one on paper which I hated for about two weeks but hung on my kitchen wall anyway, then suddenly one day I looked at it and and I really really liked it & have liked it ever since.
Jakub Kalousek

Here are six images by Jakub. I actually only own the top one, a postcard he sent me, but I like his work, want to share it with others & consider anything he does to be part of my "collection." His father Jiri Kalousek was featured in last month's Temporary Museum exhibit.

Linda Wilson just gave me these two sumptuous gorgeous photos (above) that she shot in Ireland. And this one below is by Thomas Lowe Taylor aka Anabasis:

See also here and also (with Jim Leftwich) here:
Quido Sen

My good friend Quido makes interactive sound sculptures, often quite large & I assume pretty expensive, so the only thing I really own of his is this sketch he sent me, which I like just for itself.

Radana Parmová

Another dear friend, in Ostrava, Czech Republic, has made a number of paintings on paper depicting herself, me, her children & various angels as we all try to help each other emotionally survive difficult times. This one above is one of my favorites.

František Skála

This is an image I scanned from Fama & Fortuna Bulletin 1993/15 which reproduces the lavishly-illustrated journal that Franta made as he walked from Prague to Venice as his contribution to the 1993 Biennale. Franta's work is simply the best - defying categorization & appealing to the most profound human instincts & aspirations.