Sunday, July 01, 2007

City Plan 1

I love maps & was immediately drawn to these examples of purposely-dysfunctional city-planning. Every effort has been made to make the worst possible urban-planning decisions. In City Plan 3, the most dystopic of all, the atomic-bomb testing plant is right next to the gas station; the old-folks home is completely cut off by a freeway interchange; the Quaker church is next to the dragstrip. To get to “colored town” one has to walk by the KKK center. One scenario that seems unfortunately prescient is the short & direct path leading from school to reform school & then to prison.

City Plan 2

City Plan 3

Psychedelic Patterns

Finally we bring this exhibit to a close with this drawing by 17-year-old Ralph, a drawing that seems to me to compress all the Woodstock & city-plan drawings that came before it through a filter whose x-axis is almost certainly LSD & whose y-axis might be Picasso.

See more of Ralph Eaton's drawings in The North Oakland Temporary Museum Annex: