Friday, December 01, 2006

John Chiara. John lives at Developing Environments, where I lived from about 2000-2003. John was a big fan of my varnish paintings & ended up buying several of them over the years. I could only afford one of his giant photos, this one of a fish. We finally realized that he was trying to make photos that looked like my paintings, and I was trying to make paintings like his photos - so we finally collaborated a little.

Unknown maker. When my grandmother, Margarethe Eitel Stapels, married for the second time, to Aloysius J. (Al) Petry, someone made these two 15" high doll likenesses of them in their wedding finery. I guess they must have commissioned these to be made. The clothing etc is pretty accurate in its way. They're a little freaky, which is why I like them.


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