Friday, December 01, 2006

Michael Manning. This is a t-shirt that I did wear many times. It too is a bit snug & I hadn't worn it for several years until I last wore it at the opening of Visual Aid At 16 show at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in April 2005. That was one hot opening. Hey Willpower played & weren't they great!? They made me feel like it was the late 70s again, or the late 80s or at least the mid 90s, when I bought this t-shirt off the wall at Eichelberger's. I am sorely tempted to sell or give this t-shirt to anyone who wants it enough to tell me why they have to have it.

Raegan Kelly. Even though she'd broken up with me a couple of weeks before I was leaving on a four-month performance art tour of (mostly) Eastern Europe in summer of 1990, Raegan made me this painting to wear on the back of my leather jacket. It's on chamois or ultrasuede, something like that. Here's a closeup:

Here below it is hanging by the front gate of Auschwitz, and below that I am wearing it while standing inside the ruins of the Berlin Wall:

In Moscow, a couple of guys in leather jackets asked me if I was a Hell's Angel. Of course I told them I was. This photo is by Franz John.


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