Friday, December 01, 2006

Mads Lynnerup. Everyone was supposed to take a pair of cardboard flipflops in their size from Mads' show at SF Art Commission, so I did. They are more comfortable than you would think. But I wouldn't wear them in the rain.

I bought this photo of a beachside Santa at one of the annual art auctions at 21 Grand. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the artist. If anyone knows who made this, let me know & I'll add the proper credit here. I like this photo for many reasons, but I bought it with the clear intention of sending it to my friends in the secret society of B.K.S. It is currently hanging on the wall of Franta Skala's studio in Prague.

I'm including a couple of t-shirt designs in this exhibition. I basically haven't worn t-shirts with images or text on them for ten years or so, with very few exceptions. But it's hard to go through life without collecting a few t-shirts with designs on them. This one here is one of the very few I would consider wearing in public - unfortunately I'd have to lose 25 pounds & shrink two sizes in order to wear it with any dignity - odd as that word may sound in this context.

Let me see if I can remember the story that Franta Skala told me about this shirt. At some point B.K.S. was "challenged" or "insulted" somehow by another group of male Czech artists - younger men, reckless men, just callow upstarts really. There was a great temptation to simply ignore them, but the young bucks continued to bray from time to time & it became clear that continued silence on B.K.S.'s part might lead some to think they were weak.

I don't remember the important details about the significance of the imagery, the metaphoric cloud surrounding this situation. All I remember is that B.K.S. produced only a very few of these t-shirts & either wore them themselves to some public event, or presented them as presents to their younger rivals. Another stunning triumph for B.K.S. They gave me one because I am cooler than ice.

If Franta will remind me of the correct story, I'll revise it here.


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